Friday, October 21, 2016

End of semester - what to do?

Enrol for next semester, apply to graduate

You really don't want to forget to do this!

Download/print and save any course notes from Interact that you want to keep

Once you graduate, you won't be able to access them anymore :-(

Return your library books and pay any overdue fines

You want to know what grades you got, right? And maybe graduate with the rest of your class? If you have any commitments or money outstanding with CSU your marks and grades won't be released until your CSU commitments are finalised. The same applies to graduating.

Sell or return old textbooks

If your textbooks aren't looking too shabby and you won't be needing them for further study you can sell them to make some cash. Both the Co-op bookshop and studentvip have schemes for you to sell your old textbooks. 
If you've rented a book from the Co-op bookshop, now is the time to return it! 

Clean out your stationery and clean off your desk

Work out what can go in the bin, what you need to replace and what you won't need till next semester. You'll feel so much better for having a clean desk. 

Review what worked this semester

Or should it be what didn't work this semester? Make a list and start thinking about what might need to change for  next semester. Semester breaks are a good time to get help with Library research skills and study skills .


Decide how well you stayed motivated this semester. Identify what you need to do to keep you motivated for next semester. This might mean changing priorities and analysing if your course and enrolment type still fits in with your life plans. 


Once are exams and assignments are done you need to relax a little and get back to a good work/life/balance for you. Create some good routines that will keep you healthy

And.....we'll look forward to seeing you back next semester. Enjoy your break!

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Get your grades and graduate on time: Return your books and pay your library fines

Finished your studies for 2016? Time to check around your room for outstanding library books. You may return items to any campus at any time. Access the return chute from the 24/7 area in your nearest CSU library.

If you are a distance education student, your return postage is free within Australia. You should have a reply paid label in the front cover of your loans. Can't find your label? Please contact the Library on 1800 808 369 to request another, or to ask any other questions.

Don't forget! All fines and fees must be paid up before graduation.

Finished your degree? Congratulations! Now is the time to join the Alumni Association and enjoy ongoing library membership. You will find the details in our blog post Library access for graduates.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Escape from exam stress: books that make you feel good about life

Need to escape from exam and assignment stress?

See if you can track down a copy of some of the books recommended by members of the Australian Library and Information Association.

They are books recommended as something you can escape into, read to lift your mood, or get tips on how to manage mental health better.

To browse the list, go to this link: Books that make you feel good about life

Find them in the CSU library, or at your local public library

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Racism. It stops with me!

At the Library we're celebrating the launch of CSU's new campaign "Racism. It stops with me", a campaign that invites people to reflect on what they can do to counter racism wherever it happens.

The Bathurst Campus Library has done a special display of resources filled with information to help us understand why racism occurs, what we can do to counter racism, how we can be more inclusive in our own spaces, and how we can continue to have courageous conversations about race.

If you'd like more information about this important campaign, check out CSU's webpage for staff and students, or visit the 'Racism. It Stops with Me' page on the Australian Human Rights Commission website. The CSU website also has some great resources for anyone who would like tips on what they can do when faced with or witnessing racism.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Google Search Tips

We'd like to think you're Primo Search pros by now, but there will always be times when you just can't beat a Google. In addition to the useful features offered through Google Search’s Advanced Search, there are many handy search functions that can be typed right into Google’s basic search box.
Keyword Search
Google defaults to a keyword search, so if your chosen keywords were racehorse and whip, you would simply type racehorse whip into Google Search.
Google also supports phrasing: If you were searching for the phrase occupational health and safety, you would type “occupational health and safety” into Google Search.
If you are searching for information about dogs you might want to search using both the word dog and the word canine. You would type dog OR canine into Google Search. You could also type it as dog|canine.
If you were searching for football, but you didn’t want to see results about soccer, you would type football –soccer into Google Search. You only really need to use this when your results are being clouded by homonyms.
If you are searching for a phrase that you can’t quite remember, or if you are searching for a phrase with interchangeable words, you can wildcard a word. For example: “little * riding hood” will give you results for little red riding hood; “* health and safety” will give you results for occupational health and safety and workplace health and safety.
Search within a domain or website
You can use Google Search to search within a particular domain or even within a particular website. If you wanted to search for the keywords diet and health within any Australian Government website, you would type diet health into Google Search. If you wanted to search for CSU Library’s Online Library Workshops, you would type “online library workshops” into Google Search.
With those tips you'll be googling like a pro in no time! And if all else fails, and you still can't find the information you need, Contact Us, and we'd be glad to help!